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Compare prices and secure the best deals on popular plugins like Serum, Massive, and RC-20 with ease! Our plugin price history graphs provide a comprehensive market overview for the past six months. With Plugin Pusher, you make informed decisions, saving money on the plugins you love.

TL;DR: Compare prices, see product details, and get the best plugin prices.

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Stay in the loop with the best plugin deals by creating a personalized music plugin wishlist. Add your favorite plugins and receive email notifications for price drop alerts. Orchestrate your perfect plugin collection and never miss a great deal again.

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Advanced search filters

Find the perfect plugin (VST, AU, or AAX) with our advanced search filters. Set a maximum price, select a specific category, or look for discounted products at their lowest price ever. Plugin Pusher's search filters ensure you find the ideal plugin and best deals for your music production needs.

TL;DR: Use advanced search filters to find the perfect plugin and the best deals.

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Discover the Stash, your weekly roundup of the best plugin deals. Find a wide range of discounted plugins from renowned manufacturers. Updated every week, the Stash is your go-to place for scoring big on premium plugins without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on these top-quality VST deals. Explore the Stash now.

TL;DR: Unearth weekly savings on top-quality plugins in the Stash.

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Stay informed

Stay in harmony with the latest trends and insights in the music industry through our informative articles! From plugin reviews, interviews with industry professionals, to music production news, our content provides you valuable knowledge to make the best choices for your music production needs.

TL;DR: Stay updated with industry insights, music production news, and plugin reviews.

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